Ced’s ambatchdotcom seocontest

The Ambatchdotcom Seocontest Contest

What’s the "ambatchdotcom seocontest" contest ?

The "ambatchdotcom seocontest" contest is a SEO contest held by Ambatch. The goal of the ambatchdotcom seocontest competition is to rank the highest for the exact search term "ambatchdotcom seocontest" in Google ranking. (View this page)

What’s SEO ?

The acronym SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". SEO is is the act of making changes to a websites coding in order to achieve higher natural search engine listings for a particular keyword or keywords. SEO usually involves making both on-site changes (such as keyword placement) as well as and external factors (such as link popularity).

"ambatchdotcom seocontest", what does it mean ?

"ambatchdotcom seocontest" it means nothing ; it’s the keyword on which the Seo people must position ; In order not to pollute other requests, the keywords chosen by the contests never mean anything. For example, you can find other contests like "tiger l’osmose" or "Globalwarming Awareness2007".